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Harmony College 2018

Welcome to a Weekend of Singing, Learning and Fun

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40th BABS Annual College

Jubilee Campus Nottingham

24th - 26th August 2018

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The College Courses

The college offers a series of main streams, each lasting for the whole weekend.  In addition, the popular one hour Breakout sessions will allow you to study something completely different (or even find a quiet corner for some tag singing).  However, the Personal Development stream will run as a series of mini courses, allowing students to learn about a range of subjects.

The visiting educators will be used across all the streams, providing challenging and stimulating sessions tailored to particular courses, as well as taking part in the Breakout sessions.

Finally, individual vocal coaching will again be available from some experienced voice coaches.  This year you will be able to book sessions in advance, so visit the Vocal Coaching page to learn more.

At this stage, you simply need to decide which main stream is right for you. Use the links to visit other pages which describe the courses in more detail. Or you can email or call the stream leaders if you wish to discuss whether their course is appropriate to your knowledge and requirements.

Please note that some courses have pre-qualification requirements or will require students to undertake learning before arriving at the College.

So here are your main choices.


Whether you are simply interested in learning some of the skills needed by a director, or are already an experienced director, this course will be of interest. It will cover a range of topics, from simple hand skills through to leading and motivating a chorus.

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College Chorus

Many students get their biggest thrill at Harmony College by experiencing the big chorus sound. However, the College Chorus is more than that. You will learn about craft, performance, delivery and vocal techniques, using some of the best coaches around. Ideal for everyone wanting to spend a weekend singing and learning.

Bookings now closed

Audition Choruses

The Audition Choruses will be led by two guest educators - Jonny Moroni and Justin Miller.  They are aimed at experienced singers wishing to improve their individual and collective performance level.  All prospective students will be required to submit an audition recording before being accepted into the chorus. 

Bookings now closed

Youth Chorus

The Youth Chorus will be led by Simon Arnott and The Tralblazers quartet.  It will rehearse during break periods, in preparation for a spot on the Saturday show.  There is one song to be learned in advance.  It is open to male singers under 26.

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Quartet Coaching

Back once again is the quartet stream, designed to provide focussed coaching to quartets, whether established or just learning their trade. You will cover many aspects of being a better quartet and learn to understand what is needed to get to the top.

Bookings now closed

Extreme Quartets

Also back this year is the Extreme Quartets stream. If you want to spend the weekend singing six new songs, and singing them with different quartets, this will make a great weekend.  On Saturday afternoon, there will be a contest to choose the best Extreme Quartet for 2018.

Bookings now closed

Personal Development

This stream is designed to provide a variety of (mainly) short courses, covering various aspects of personal development. You might want to learn the basics of arranging, understand the theory behind barbershop harmony, improve your own vocal skills or understand the art of a successful performance.

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And finally, throughout the weekend, anyone can experience some personal vocal coaching on a one to one basis. For any singer wanting to find out more about their voice and how to explore it better, this is a great opportunity for some individual guidance.

While there is no College song this year, we will be using some of the polecats. If you don't have a polecat book, you can buy a copy for 5 from Mike Lofthouse, tel: 01305 265374, email:  harmonystore@singbarbershop.com

Outstanding Value

You not only get excellent training and coaching, you also get great facilities, good food, a high level of camaraderie, a private bar and, of course, plenty of time to sing.

Everyone Welcome

BABS members, non-members, men and women, all are welcome.

Your Options

Choose from a full weekend residential or non residential, one day options on Friday and Saturday or Sat/Sun residential.

Secure Online Booking

It is very simple, just fill out the details and the options you want, and the site works everything out for you.

Extreme Quartet Sampler

Interested in trying out the Extreme Quartet experience without commiting to it for the whole weekend?  Sample sessions available during the Breakout sessions.  Click here for more details.