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The British Association of Barbershop Singers

41st Harmony College

Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham
23rd - 25th August 2019

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Six streams available - click for more information

Audition Chorus stream
College Chorus stream
Directing stream
Extreme Quartet stream
Personal Development stream
Quartet stream
Extra opportunities

Grants Available

If you need financial assistance to attend Harmony College, grants are available.  
Click here for details.

Secure online enrolment and payment

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College prospectus

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Scholarships & Awards

BABS is delighted to offer the following scholarships and awards for this year’s Harmony College:

Scholarship Title Criteria

Directors Scholarship

Any applicant (BABS or non BABS) who wishes to enrol on the Directors stream

New member scholarship

Any BABS member who has joined BABS since 1st January 2018 to attend Harmony College for the first time, on any stream

College Chorus Scholarship

Any applicant (BABS or non BABS) wishing to enrol on the College Chorus stream

Quartet Scholarship

Any applicant (BABS or non BABS) who wishes to enrol on the Quartet stream as a member of a quartet

Joe Liles Award

Any BABS member 25 or under on 23rd August 2019 who wishes to enrol on any stream

Seniors Award

Any applicant (BABS or non-BABS) who will be 55 or over on 23rd August 2019 and has not attended Harmony College previously

BABS Barbershopper of the Year Award

For the winner of the BABS Barbershopper of the Year to attend any stream.
2019 Award Winner: Jack Bridges, Hull BHC

Tony Foster Recruitment Champions Award

For a new member of the club receiving the 2019 Tony Foster Recruitment Champions Award to attend any stream.
2019 Award Winner: Peterborough BHC


  • Scholarships do not include travel to and from the venue

  • Scholarships are for standard accommodation only. Additional room requirements will need to be paid for separately.

  • Scholarships are for attendance Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. Those wishing to add Thursday night accommodation will need to pay for this separately.

  • When awarded a scholarship or award, you should still book your place using the online system to confirm your attendance.

  • The deadline for applying for a grant is Friday 31st May 2019.

To apply or find out more, please contact Steve Dumble, BABS Grants Secretary on grants@singbarbershop.com  

What is Harmony College?

Harmony College is a residential education weekend with barbershop music at its core.  Now in its 41st year, each year we welcome aound 300 delegates who immerse themselves in barbershop for the weekend.

Everyone Welcome

No matter your gender or age, or whether you are a member of BABS or not, you will be made very welcome at Harmony College.

Options to suit you

You can choose to stay residentially, in University Halls of Residence or 3* Hotel accommodation, or non residentially.  Please click here for more information.

Photo Gallery

Click here to see photos from the 2018 Harmony College.